Dr. Charlene Wrighton Keynotes

Dr. Charlene Wrighton is the author of the award winning and internationally acclaimed Zoo-phonics Multisensory Language Arts Program. Because of her education and experience in the teaching field she is considered a "cutting edge" expert, educational developer and researcher for early childhood and primary literacy education.

Dr. Charlene Wrighton's early childhood and primary keynote speeches are packed with current research-based innovative techniques to motivate children and teachers (even administrators get excited!).

Each keynote speech (on various educational topics) will engage the audience with ground-breaking ideas, a funny sense of humor, all wrapped up with her incredible energy. With Dr. Wrighton you're guaranteed to have everyone out of their seats, moving, participating and ready to take ideas back to the classroom!

Dr. Charlene Wrighton has created conference and keynote speeches that will cover critical educational topics for every classroom. Each conference or keynote speech can also be customized to fit your specific group or session – while making a lasting impression.

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